Conference "Data science for better decisions"

On Tuesday 17 December 2019, Statistics Flanders and the Central Bureau for Statistics (Netherlands) organise a one-day international conference on how data science can contribute to better official statistics for decision making. In a fast-moving digital environment, how can new data sources and techniques help in supporting better decisions? What are the opportunities from the boom in the availability of data to inform policy decisions, and what are the threats from new tools and techniques to handle big data sources?

In the morning a number of keynote speakers will comment on the position of big data, data science and associated techniques (such as machine learning and artificial intelligence) in the broader data landscape, and discuss how digital developments affect policy making and the data sources required to support policy decisions.
In the afternoon four parallel sessions will look deeper into different data science techniques and their application as well as the preconditions that have to be met in order to be successful. The day will close with a panel discussion.

When: Tuesday 17 December 2019, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Brussels (Belgium), on the Tour & Taxis site, near the Herman Teirlinck building.
Price: free
Who: everyone who has an interest in data, statistics and data science and how they can support decision-making
Language: English

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