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The statistics described are the result of the tourism satellite account. This is an internationally recognized tool developed by Eurostat, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to assess the economic significance of tourism. A tourism satellite account is abbreviated in international literature as TSA (Tourism Satellite Account). On the supply side, a satellite account brings together the various necessary functional components of the national accounts linked to tourism. In addition, the satellite account ensures that this supply is linked to the demand side and thus to actual tourism consumption.

The tourism sector: a group of companies carrying out an economic activity in a number of predetermined tourism sectors. The following list of industries and their NACE codes was drawn up in accordance with international guidelines and in consultation with Tourism Flanders.


55.100  Hotels and similar accommodations

55.201  Youth hostels and youth centers

55.202  Holiday parks

55.203  Cottages, holiday homes and apartments

55.204  Guest rooms

55.209  Holiday accommodations and other short-stay accommodation

55.300  Camping sites and camper and caravan sites

55.900  Other accommodation


Accommodation relating to second homes (only in coastal municipalities)

68.101  Management of residential real estate on a fee or contract basis

68.201  Renting or exploitation of own or leased property

68.311  Mediation in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate for a fixed amount or on a contract basis

68.321  Management of residential real estate on a fee or contract basis


Food and beverage dispensers

56.101  Eating establishments with full service

56.102  Eating establishments with limited service

56.290  Other eating establishments

56.301  Cafés and bars

56.302  Discos, dance halls and the like

56.309  Other drinking establishments


Passenger transport

49.100  Rail passenger transport, excluding rail passenger transport within cities or suburbs

49.310  Land passenger transport within cities or suburbs

49.320  Operation of taxis

49.390  Other land passenger transport, not mentioned elsewhere

50.100  Passenger transport by sea and coastal waters

50.300  Passenger transport by inland waterways

51.100  Passenger transport by air

77.110  Rental and lease of passenger cars and light vans


Travel agencies, tour operators, booking agencies and related activities

79.110  Travel agencies

79.120  Tour operators

79.901  Tourist information services

79.909  Other reservation activities


Cultural services

90.011  Practice of performing arts by independently working artists

90.012  Practice of the performing arts by artistic ensembles

90.021  Promotion and organization of performing arts events

90.022  Design and construction of stages

90.023  Specialized imaging, lighting and sound techniques

90.029  Other support activities for the performing arts

90.031  Creative arts, excluding support services

90.032  Support activities for the creative arts

90.041  Operation of theaters, concert halls and the like

90.042  Operation of cultural centers and multifunctional halls for cultural activities

91.020  Museums

91.030  Exploitation of monuments and similar tourist attractions

91.041  Botanical gardens and zoos

91.042  Management and conservation of nature reserves


Sports and recreation services

77.210  Rental and lease of sports and leisure equipment

93.110  Exploitation of sports facilities

93.110  Organization of sport events for professionals or amateurs by organizations with or without accommodation

93.130  Fitness centers

93.191  Activities of sports associations and federations

93.199  Other sports activities not elsewhere specified

93.211  Exploitation of fairground attractions

93.212  Exploitation of amusement and theme parks

93.291  Exploitation of snooker and billiard rooms

93.292  Exploitation of recreational areas

93.299  Other leisure and relaxation activities not elsewhere specified

92.000  Lotteries and games of chance


Retail of country-specific, characteristic tourism goods

47.640  Retail trade of sports and camping goods in specialized stores

47.786  Retail trade of souvenirs and religious articles in specialized stores


Non-tourism characteristic companies

82.300  Organization of congresses and fairs

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Statistics Flanders: Report 'De economische impact van toerisme in Vlaanderen'


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