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Airport authorities of the 4 Flemish airports in question: Zaventem - Brussels National, Antwerp, Ostend-Bruges, Kortrijk-Wevelgem

Eurostat: the figures of the 20 largest airports in the European Union. 


Passenger: a person is counted as a passenger at a given airport when he departs from, arrives at or spends time in transit at that airport. 

Remarks on quality

Statistics Flanders collects the figures on the number of passengers from the websites of the airports of Zaventem, Antwerp, Kortrijk and Ostend. 

These are administrative data, with a high level of reliability. 


Brussels Airport: BRUtrends – statistics on activities at the airport 

Antwerp Airport: Statistics

Ostend Airport: Statistics

Kortrijk Wevelgem Airport: News

Eurostat: Number of passengers processed at the main airports per country


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