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Kind en Gezin (Child and Family)


These are administrative data from Kind en Gezin (Child and Family) on formal childcare places: care of babies and toddlers against payment in a professional environment. These childcare facilities need a permit. They may also offer places to school children.

Group childcare: daycare centre or collaborative childminders. Larger childcare, with multiple child carers. In a space intended solely for childcare. There is a minimum of 9 children present at the same time. In group childcare there is no maximum as to the number of children cared for. As long as there are enough child carers and space, children may be cared for in a specific group childcare location. However, the number of children may not exceed 18.

Family childcare: childminder. Small-scale childcare with generally 1 child minder. Generally in the child minder’s own home. Never more than 8 children.

Remarks on quality

Childcare facilities with a permit from Kind en Gezin must also report regularly to Kind en Gezin. This reporting is the basis for these statistics. 

As from 1 January 2019, the municipal data allow for the newly merged municipalities. The data from before 2019 are also calculated on the basis of these new municipalities from then on.


Kind en Gezin: Childcare


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