Instituut voor de Nationale Rekeningen (INR) (Institute of National Accounts)


Employment: total number of persons (salaried and self-employed) working in a country or region. This means employees and self-employed persons as defined by the ESA 2010.  
Employees are persons who, on the basis of an employment contract, work (formally or otherwise) for another resident institutional unit in Belgium and receive a wage or salary for their work. Persons who are in employment are classified as employees only if they are not predominantly self-employed.
Self-employed persons are persons who work as owners or co-owners in a company without legal personality which is not considered a quasi-partnership. Self-employed persons include unpaid family workers, homeworkers whose income depends on the output of the production process for which they are responsible and workers who produce only for their own consumption or own investment.

There are a total of 38 sectors in the economy (the so-called A38 classification).

Remarks on quality

The ESA 2010 (European System of Accounts) guarantees a comparable format for the aggregate across countries. The data for the last few years may be revised as new statistical information becomes available (from annual reports, information on the actors involved, etc.) and for the purpose of alignment with the national accounts, which may also be revised.


Instituut voor de Nationale Rekeningen (INR) / Institute of National Accounts: Regional accounts


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