Employment in high-tech sectors


Enquête naar de Arbeidskrachten (EAK), Statbel & Labour Force Survey (LFS) Eurostat, processed by Steunpunt Werk (Centre of Expertise for Labour Market Monitoring (CELM)


High-tech sectors: sectors of industry which carry out a comparatively high level of research and development. There is an industrial and a service strand.

  • (Medium) high-tech industry: the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacture of electronic and IT products and electrical equipment, the manufacture of machines, equipment and tools and of means of transport.
  • High-tech services: the production of films, TV and radio programmes, telecommunications, the design of and consultancy services in the area of computer software, scientific research.

Remarks on quality

In Belgium, the data are produced by Statbel. Upon request, data are supplied to the Steunpunt Werk, which process the figures at Flemish level. The annual average figure is available in March/April of the following year.

The co-ordination and verification of the quality of the LFS survey is handled by Eurostat. The problem for Belgium with these statistics is the relatively small sample size for the Brussels Capital Region.


Eurostat: Tewerkstelling in hoogtechnologische sectoren (Employment in high-tech sectors)


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