Employment in the logistics industry


National Social Security Office (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid RSZ), Institute of National Accounts (Instituut voor Nationale Rekeningen INR) and The National Bank of Belgium (Nationale Bank van België NBB), processed by Statistics Flanders


The logistics industry, with particular reference to the activities in the area of freight transport, was defined based on the NBB’s Working Paper 125, "Economic importance of Belgian transport logistics" published in January 2008.

In this paper reference is made to various delimitations in various studies. The calculations in the present file are based on the list of NACE activities specified on page 62-64 of the Working Paper. This is a selection of activities based on the NACEBEL 2003 5-digit classification. This selection of activities is also subject to a weighting factor, i.e. the share of goods transport within each industry. The proportionate shares have been taken from the NBB study (table 2, p.11). For the 1995-2000 time frame, the figures for the year 2000 are used; for the 2005-2010 time frame, we have used the figures for 2005.

The statistical data from the INR on total employment is available only up to the NACE 2-digit.

However, the National Social Security Office publishes data on paid employment at NACE 5-digit level. The shares of the respective NACE 5-digit in the NACE 2-digit sectors were applied to the INR’s employment figures, which enabled us to obtain an estimate of the share of the logistics/freight transport industry in Flemish economy

Please note: this relates to the direct share in the economy. Indirect effects through the supply from other sectors of trade and industry have not been factored in.

The size of the industry is expressed in terms of the number of people, not in number of jobs.

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The National Bank of Belgium (Nationale Bank van België NBB): Working Paper 125 – Economic importance of Belgian transport logistics

National Social Security Office (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid RSZ): Break-down of the number of jobs according to place of employment

Institute of National Accounts (Instituut voor the Nationale Rekeningen INR): Regional accounts


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