Enterprises’ turnover from e-commerce



Survey on ICT-usage and e-commerce in enterprises, Statbel and Eurostat



Definitions from the questionnaire of the ICT-survey:

E-commerce is the sale or purchase of goods or services conducted over computer networks by methods specifically designed for the purpose of receiving or placing orders. The payment and the delivery of the goods or services do not have to be conducted online. E-commerce transactions exclude orders made by manually typed e-mail messages.

Web sales are sales made via an online store (web shop, e-commerce marketplace), via web forms on a website or extranet, or via apps.

EDI sales: sales via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages in a standard format suitable for automatic processing (e.g. EDIFACT, UBL, XML, etc.). Here again, hand-typed individual messages are not taken into account.

B2C (Business to Consumer): sales to private consumers.

B2B (Business to Business): sales to other enterprises.

B2G (Business to Government): sales to public authorities.

The turnover is calculated excluding VAT.

The years in the figure refer to the year in which the survey was conducted. The share of e-commerce in the total turnover is calculated based on the turnover in the year prior to the survey.


Remarks on quality

The data originate from the ICT survey that the statistical institutes organize annually in the EU. Statbel organizes the survey in enterprises with two or more employees of a wide group of private, non-financial sectors. The sample size is about 7500 enterprises.

The survey is carried out via SAPQ (self-administered paper questionnaire) and SAWQ (self-administered web questionnaire).

The sample is stratified according to region, company size and activity. The sample is equally distributed over the three regions in Belgium. The largest enterprises with at least 250 employees are all selected.

In the event of unit non-response, an adjustment takes place by weighting with the original sample strata as weight classes. In the event of item non-response, the respondents will be contacted to answer the missing questions.



Statbel: ICT-usage and e-commerce in enterprises

Eurostat: E-commerce sales


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