Brochure Flanders in Figures 2020

Vlaanderen in Cijfers English

The brochure ‘Flanders in Figures’ provides a snapshot of Flanders based on a selection of key Flemish official statistics. The statistics cover a wide range of themes and are grouped into four sections: population and society, economy and enterprises, the environment and government and governance. A brief comparison of the Flemish data with Belgium and other countries in the European Union is included at the end.

The statistics are presented in an attractive way using accessible figures and infographics. On the Statistics Flanders website, the statistics included in this brochure can be found in more detail, together with the corresponding datasets and information about the sources and definitions used.

The brochure can be downloaded below. A print version of the brochure can be ordered on the publications website of the Flemish authorities.

‘Flanders in Figures’ is the English version of the brochure in dutch ‘Vlaanderen in Cijfers 2020’.

Flanders in Figures (Pdf - 2,4 MB)
Date of publication: 25 November 2020

Myriam Vanweddingen
Statistics Flanders