General life satisfaction

  • Flemish people rate their life satisfaction 7.6 to 10

    When asked about satisfaction with life in general, in 2018 the inhabitants of Flanders gave themselves an average score of 7.6 on a scale ranging from 0 to 10. This average has been virtually stable since 2008. 

  • Flemish people most satisfied with contact with household members

    Overall life satisfaction can be further broken down into various sub-aspects. A vast majority of the inhabitants of Flanders - 95% or more of the population - are satisfied to very satisfied with contact with members of their household, their own home and the neighbourhood in which they live. More than 90% of the inhabitants of Flanders are also satisfied to very satisfied with the social contact with friends and family, work and the standard of living. 


    The scores are slightly lower for income, time to do what needs be done and health. But more than 80% of the population are still (very) satisfied with these aspects. 

    In comparison with 2008, we see slightly lower satisfaction with their own health, while satisfaction with income and the standard of living is only slightly higher in 2018 than it was in 2008. 


    The assessment of one’s health is closely linked to general life satisfaction. In other words: people with high scores in the area of health also score higher in general life satisfaction and vice versa. 

  • Higher life satisfaction among men, people over 65 and those living with a partner

    On average, men are slightly more satisfied with life in general than women. 

    The over-65s are slightly more satisfied than the other age groups. 


    There are clear differences in terms of household type in both 2008 and 2018. Those who live without a partner, with or without children, are less satisfied. Those living together with a partner are most satisfied. 


    The slightly higher satisfaction among the medium and high educated, which was found in 2008, is not reflected in 2018.   

  • Lower satisfaction in smaller cities

    In 2018 we see that residents of smaller cities are slightly less satisfied with life in general than residents from other areas. The differences between the other areas remain small. There were no such differences in 2008. 


Statistics Flanders: SCV survey 

Publication date

5 February 2019

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