In good health

  • More than 80% of Flemish people consider their own health to be good to very good

    In 2018, 83% of Flemish people aged 15 and over thought that their health was good or very good. This self-assessment about health is also called subjective health. 


    The percentage of Flemish people claiming to be in good health has remained fairly stable in recent years. 

  • People with high education more likely to claim that they are in good health

    In 2018, slightly more men than women judged their health to be good or very good.  

    As people got older, the percentage of people with (very) good health decreased.  

    The high educated claimed to be in (very) good health more often than the other groups. 

  • Percentage that considers own health (very) good higher in Flemish Region than in Walloon Region

    In 2018, the percentage of people in the Flemish Region that considered their health good to very good was higher than in the Walloon Region. 

  • More people in good health in Belgium than average in Europe

    The European Health Core Indicators allow an international comparison for 2017. In Belgium, the percentage of persons aged 16 and above that consider their own health good or very good is above the average of the EU countries. The lowest value was recorded in Lithuania, the highest in Ireland 


Sciensano: Health Survey  
European Commission: European Health Core Indicators (EHCI) 

Publication date

15 July 2019

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