Industrial waste


Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM)


Primary industrial waste: waste produced by businesses, excluding waste from the waste-processing sector. This is waste that is generated at the premises of the original producer and not during a later processing of the waste.

Secondary raw materials: raw materials that are not directly derived from nature, e.g. by-products of production processes or recycled materials.

Remarks on quality

The data published by OVAM are based on the Integrated Annual Environmental Report (IMJV). A representative sample of businesses is surveyed about their out-going waste streams and the secondary resources produced. The results are generalised in order to establish a total Flemish estimate. More information concerning the methodology used can be found in the industrial waste report on the OVAM website.

The results are in line with the figures officially reported by Flanders/Belgium to the European institutions and thus in line with the calculation rules of the EU.

The quality of the data is very good and the international data comparability is very high.


Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) Industrial waste

Flanders Environment Agency (VMM)


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