Media usage

  • Use of radio, television and internet widespread

    In 2018, nearly everyone in Flanders older than 18 watched television at least once a week. Nearly 9 out of 10 listened at least once a week to the radio or surfed the internet at least once a week. Nearly 8 out of 10 used a smartphone at least once a week. Newspaper use was significantly lower than the use of other media: about 4 out of 10 people in Flanders said they read the paper at least once a week. 

  • Young people use the internet and smartphones more frequently; older people are larger consumers of television, radio and newspapers

    There is little difference in media use between men and women. Men read the newspaper and surf the internet slightly more often than women.  


    The use of internet and smartphone is clearly highest in the youngest age group. Virtually everybody up to the age of 40 uses the internet and smartphone at least once a week. The percentages are much lower for persons above the age of 60. For the traditional media (radio, TV and newspaper), the differences according to age are more limited. The use of these media is, however, higher in the oldest age group than in the youngest group. 


    People with a high level of education are larger consumers of virtually all media as compared to people with a low level of education, except for television. The use of the internet and smartphone show the biggest differences in consumption according to educational attainment level. 


Statistics Flanders: SCV survey 

Publication date

26 February 2019

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