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The number of enterprises is part of a large Statbel datafile. This file contains: the number of VAT liable enterprises, the number of closures and active VAT liable enterprises since 2008, based on the enterprise register DBRIS, per year, municipality or district (if the variable employment is present), economic activity (NACE-BEL), employment class (2008 and following) and legal form.

Active VAT liable enterprises: the number of active VAT liable enterprises on 31 December is obtained via the calculation of this population in the monthly datawarehouse cube of those who are liable to VAT. Enterprises with a VAT liable status on 31 December of the year observed are grouped for this purpose.

VAT liable incorporations: VAT liable incorporations group the entities that have a VAT liable status on 31 December of the year observed, but not on 31 December of the year before. These may or may not be new VAT liable entities.

Cessations of VAT liable enterprises: the cessations group the entities that are not VAT liable on 31 December of the year observed but were so on 31 December of the year before.

The number of incorporations per 100 active VAT liable enterprises is called the incorporation rate. The number of cessations per 100 active VAT liable enterprises is called the cessation rate. The net growth is obtained by the difference between the incorporation rate and the cessation rate. The sum of the incorporation rate and the cessation rate indicates the turbulence.

To compute the enterprise turbulence, the incorporation data is used as they have been recalculated for the monthly statistics: in some cases, the validity date is replaced by a transaction date in the monthly statistics. This method is repeated at the annual level in order to remain coherent with the number of active enterprises at the end of the year: these numbers must be the same in the monthly and annual statistics.

Remarks on quality

Only in the event of a major change at the level of the NACE-BEL variable an update of the years already published can be done. This must remain exceptional. The dissemination policy is to 'freeze' the published data.

In October 2018, a full review of the data from 2008 to 2016 was undertaken with regard to the classification of VAT liable enterprises according to employee categories. After this review, the number of employees employed by a VAT liable enterprise is consistently determined using data from the fourth quarter of the year concerned. This review was also used to establish additional one-to-one links between the CBE numbers and the NSSO numbers at the level of the legal entity. Employment is determined on the basis of the national social security numbers.


Statbel: Year-on-year evolution of VAT liable enterprise


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