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Expertisecentrum Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingsmonitoring (ECOOM) (Centre for Research & Development Monitoring), Web of Science (WoS)


Scientific publication: a publication on empirical and theoretical research work. As a rule, these publications are subject to a prior review by peers. Their relative value can be assessed from the citation index.

Remarks on quality

The Science Citation Index (SCI), and in due course its expanded version, known as the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE), along with the Social Science Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index as components of the Web of ScienceTM Core Collection (WoS), has become one of the most widely accepted and consulted sources for bibliometric analyses.

The determining factor in deciding whether publications are to be assigned to Flanders or to any of the reference countries are the work addresses. A ‘full’ counting chart is used, implying that a publication written by co-authors with work addresses in different countries, is assigned to all of the countries concerned as 1 full publication.

The WoS remains by far the most appropriate source for comprehensive bibliometric analyses, even though it is open to criticism, such as the importance of journal articles, the data processing in the development of the WoS, and the overrepresentation of publications from English-speaking countries.


ECOOM: Indicatorenboek – Bibliometrische studies (Indicators Book - Bibliometric studies)

Web of Science: Core collection


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