Scientific publications

  • 32 scientific publications in Flanders per 10,000 residents

    In 2017, Flanders counted 27 scientific publications in journals per 10,000 residents. This number increases to 32 if we also include contributions to conferences. 


    The number of scientific publications per 10,000 residents has risen relatively sharply in Flanders in recent years, so much so that their number has virtually doubled in ten years’ time. 


    Add to that the increasing number of scientific publications resulting from international cooperations. For example, more than two in three Flemish publications have a foreign co-author. 

  • Flanders ranks among international top tier for scientific publications

    Flanders is doing well at international level. Along with the Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands, Flanders has the highest publication output per 10,000 residents. In addition, recent years have witnessed a stronger rise in output in Flanders than in most other countries. 


    Flanders particularly specialises in the output of publications in the areas of neuro- and behavioural sciences and biosciences. 


Expertisecentrum Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingsmonitoring (ECOOM) (Centre for Research & Development Monitoring): IndicatorenboekBibliometrische studies (Indicators Book - Bibliometric studies) 
Web of Science: Core collection 


Scientific publication: a publication on empirical and theoretical research work. As a rule, these publications are subject to a prior review by peers. Their relative value can be assessed from the citation index. 

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30 September 2019

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