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Number of staff: the number of staff employed at an entity of the services of the Flemish public administration. The figures refer to the number of staff on 31 December.

Staff availability: the ratio of the number of days that a staff member is supposed to work on the basis of his work regime to the number of days of a full-time staff member. In other words, the availability of staff reflects the staff available in an entity over a given period of time. Staff availability is expressed in gross full-time equivalents (FTE) and is always measured over a period and never on one single day (as is the case with staff numbers).

The total number of days to be worked is determined for all staff members and next the unavailability (such as career breaks) is subtracted. Absences are included. Absences include public holidays, paid leave schemes (for example, holiday leave), or absences due to illness, industrial accident or pregnancy. These are also taken into account when the absences are paid by the health insurance fund (in the case of contractual staff). This allows for staff members who work part time for example or who work in continuous jobs or who take several days of unpaid leave, to be factored in more correctly. Staff members who work 80% part time are counted as 0.8 staff member. On the other hand, a staff member who is employed full time but is actually absent for a full year, for example due to illness, is counted as 1 gross FTE.

Services of the Flemish public administration: all entities of the Government of Flanders to which the Flemish Staff Regulations apply. These are the departments, the internally autonomous agencies without legal personality (with the exception of the members of the Inspection of the Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Training (AKOV)), the internally autonomous agencies with legal personality, the externally autonomous agencies under public law (with exception of De Lijn), the Strategic Advisory Councils (with the exception of the Flanders Social and Economic Council (SERV), the SAG WGG and the MORA) and the administrative services of the Council for Community Education. The Flemish Staff Regulations do not apply to the Flemish Public Broadcaster (VRT) and the Flemish Water Supply Company.


Remarks on quality

Vlimpers is the online HRM system within the Flemish public administration, which is used for managing staff data, job data and absences. A number of entities of the Flemish public administration do not (yet) work with Vlimpers. The data of these entities are requested annually. This possibly leads to a longer reporting process.


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