Aid dependency of partner countries on Flemish development cooperation

  • Aid dependency of 3 partner countries differs greatly

    The degree of aid dependency differs greatly between the 3 official partner countries of the Flemish development cooperation. The aid dependency shows the ratio between the official development assistance or ODA received by a given country and that country’s gross national income (GNI). This relates to the total official development assistance for that particular country, not just the official development assistance received from Flanders.

    In its development cooperation efforts, the Flemish government focuses on 3 countries in Southern Africa: Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

    In 2018, aid dependency was highest in Malawi (18% of GNI). In Mozambique it was 13%. South Africa had the lowest aid dependency (0.3%). Malawi's aid dependency fluctuates the most over the years.



Official development assistance (ODA): the sum total of the expenditures which comply with the international criteria for development cooperation. 
Gross national income (GNI): the sum total of all goods and services produced in a given country (gross domestic product) plus the primary incomes earned abroad by nationals of the country in question and minus the primary incomes earned by foreigners in that country. 


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